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425 DX Bulletin - Editado por Mauro Pregliasco I1JQJ e Valeria Pregliasco IK1ADH

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Edição: 1388   Data: 08/12/2017    Atualizado todas as sextas feiras 

E4     - Elvira, IV3FSG  has been active  again  as  E44YL  from  Bethlehem,
        Palestine  since  5 December,  and  will  remain  there  until   18
        December. QSL via IK3GES.
HL     - Celebrating the XXIII Olympic Winter Games that will  be  held next
        year in  PyeongChang  (https://www.pyeongchang2018.com/en), special
        event station DT23WOP is active  until  28 February 2018.  All QSOs
        will be confirmed automatically via the bureau and LoTW.
JD1_oga- Once again Harry, JG7PSJ will be active  as JD1BMH from  Chichijima
        (AS-031), Ogasawara from 24 December to 2 January.  He will operate
        CW, SSB and RTTY  on  160-10 metres.  QSL via  JD1BMH  (bureau)  or
        JG7PSJ  (direct).  See http://sapphire.es.tohoku.ac.jp/jd1bmh/  for
        logsearch and other information. He does not use LoTW.
JW     - Morten, LA4JSA will be active as JW4JSA from  Bear Island (EU-027),
        Svalbard until 1 June 2018. QSL via home call. [TNX The Daily DX]
OE     - The International Amateur Radio Contest DX Club  based  in  Vienna,
        Austria  will  be  active  as  4Y1A  on  7-14   December  for   the
        International Civil Aviation Day. QSL via UA3DX;  logsearch on Club
OH     - This year Santa Radio (OF9X) will  be  active  as  OJ9X  to  either
        promote the Christmas spirit on the radio  spectrum  and  celebrate
        Finland's 100th anniversary as an  independent state.  The country-
        wide  operation  will  take  place on 6-31 December  and  will  see
        several radio clubs participating across all  bands and modes.  The
        first 100 scoring the highest number of  bands/modes, with the  top
        10 from each continent, will  qualify for  the  "Finland 100 Years"
        award signed by Santa  himself along  with  the  prime  minister of
        Finland, Mr. Juha Sipila,  who is a patron of this  special  event.
        You can follow your score on Club Log. QSL via and Club Log's OQRS.
        [TNX W6SZN]
OZ     - Volker, DJ8VW  will  be  active  again as  5P8VW from  Romo  Island
        (EU-125) on 13-23 December. He will operate SSB, CW and FT8 on 160-
        6 metres. QSL Club Log's OQRS (preferred), eQSL, LoTW or  via DJ8VW
        (direct or bureau). [TNX DX Newsletter]
S5     - Special event station S510PMC will be active from  7 December  to 7
        January 2018 to  promote the PMC Contest,  sponsored  by the  Radio
        Club Slovenj Gradec (S59DCD). QSL via the bureau. The International
        Association  of Peace Messenger Cities was established in  1988  to
        recognize  and encourage the role and responsibility cities have in
        creating a culture  of  peace.  The PMC Contest, promoting contacts
        between stations located in the Peace Messenger Cities and the rest
        of the world, will be held on 6-7 January (complete information can
        be found at http://www.s59dcd.si/).
TK     - Georg, NZ1C will be active holiday style as TK/NZ1C from Corsica on
        16-24 December. He will operate CW and FT8, with some SSB, RTTY and
        PSK on 40-10 metres. QSL via DD5ZZ. [TNX NG3K]
VU     - The Manipal Institute of Technology's  amateur radio club  (VU2MHC)
        will be active as AT6MIT from 9 December to 7 January to  celebrate
        the institution's Diamond Jubilee. QSL via VU3BUN.

CARIBBEAN TOUR ---> Heli, DD0VR and his wife Bigi, DE3BW will be touring the
Caribbean between mid-December and mid-January, with planned  holiday  style
activities  from  Barbados  as  8P0VR (requested callsign , 17-31 December),
Martinique as FM/DD0VR  (31 December-10 January), Dominica  as  J70VR (10-14
January), and Guadeloupe as FG/DD0VR (14-20 January).  Look for activity  on
40, 20, 15 and 10 metres SSB and QRP CW. QSLs via DD0VR. [TNX The Daily DX]


Access to the main functions of www.425dxn.org is provided by the 425DXN App
for Android. It is available on Google Play - free of charge, no ads. Enjoy!

EL2EF --- > Eric, EL2EF (the nephew of  Dickson, EL2DT)  is  a  new  amateur
radio operator from Liberia. "So far he has limited operating experience and
basic equipment", DX World reports. "For the time being he is paper-logging,
but hopes to have a laptop soon. Thereafter, he will use  the services of  a
QSL manager who will look after his log and QSLs".

IREF ---> The Island Radio Expedition Foundation (IREF) was founded in  1999
for the purpose of providing financial  assistance  for expeditions  to rare
IOTA groups (i.e. confirmed  by less  than 15% of  island chasers).  Now the
Board believes "that the time has come for IREF to find other, non-financial
ways, to encourage IOTA expeditions to  less  rare destinations".  Therefore
IREF will be  sponsoring  the  "IOTA Expeditioner of the Year" award,  which
"will encourage  expeditioners, through  friendly  competition, to  activate
islands that won't necessarily meet IREF funding guidelines, but are  needed
by many of the newer chasers".  For  information and rules please visit  the
IREF's new website: https://irefnew.wordpress.com.

OC-175 ---> The logs for both DU9/RZ3FW and DU9/R4WAA have been uploaded  to
Club Log (search for DU9/R4WAA_OC175 and DU9/RZ3FW_OC175), and the  OQRS has
been activated. They were QRV on 21-28 November and totalled 5000 QSOs.

ZA1WW --- > The logs for the recent activity  (according to Club Log,  13971
QSOs were made between 24 November and 4 December) have not been uploaded to
LoTW. "A difficulty in obtaining the certificate for ZA1WW resulted  in  one
test QSO being listed, which is why an upload shows in 'Find Call'. The logs
will be uploaded in due course". [TNX N7NG]


John Plenderleith, 9M6XRO  passed away  on  4 December, after
battling cancer for  several  years.  First licensed  in 1960 as GM3OOK,  he
operated as 9V1RS from Singapore for about ten years;  then he moved to  the
Isle of Man (GD3OOK), England (G3OOK) and finally retired to  Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah (East Malaysia),  where after one year as 9M6/G3OOK became  9M6XRO  in
May 2006. John logged over 250 thousand QSOs with his  personal  call signs,
which included 3DA0OK,  7P8OK,  A25OOK,  C91XO,  CU2/G3OOK/p,  EL0A,  V8FRO,
V85/9M6XRO, XU7XRO, YB9/GM3OOK, ZL/GD3OOK, ZS6/GM3OOK.  He was a team member
of 4W6A (Atauro Island, Timor Leste 2011), 9M4SLL (Spratly Islands 2012  and
2013),  ZL9HR  (Campbell Island 2012),  N8A & W8A (American Samoa 2013)  and
5W8A (Samoa 2013). John was also active in the IOTA Programme, and  operated
as  9M6XRO/p  from  OC-133 (five  times  bewteen 2008 and 2014)  and  OC-295
(2010), and as 9M6XRO/8 from OC-165 (2011). A keen contester, he also chased
DXCC (CW,  Phone  and  Digital).  "John's  favourite  mode  was CW, but  was
comfortable on any mode", his  QSL manager (M0URX) recalls.  His CW  "was so
accurate  that  over  the  last  ten  years  I rarely had  any  busted  call


CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B8JB       SM6JBC      DU1IST      JA1HGY      OM17YOTA    M0SDV
3B9HA       M0OXO       E2X         E20GMY      OM50SPSEKE  OM8AND
3DA0AQ      EA5GL       E44YL       IK3GES      ON1418POP   ON4HRT
3V8SS       LX1NO       E51ACO      JT1CO       ON4YOTA     M0SDV
3W1T        RW6HS       E71YOTA     M0SDV       OP17AR      ON7SS
3Z1K        SP1KRF      EA8JK       EB7DX       OP17N       ON4CRD
4K6FO       DC9RI       EA9EU       EA5KB       OP17RCL     ON3AR
4K9W        DL6KVA      ED2C        EA2CJ       OP70BFS     ON2KFJ
4L2M        EA7FTR      ED8X        RN3RQ       OT100BCA    ON4CRD
4L5P        UT7QF       EF2A        EA2OT       OZ100DVI    OZ1IVA
4O7CC       UA4CC       EF8R        EB7DX       P29XC       ZL2XC
4S7DLG      DK8ZZ       EG2YOTA     M0SDV       P33W        UA3DX
4U1A        UA3DX       EH2EUS      EA2TP       PA6X        PA7CW
4U1GSC      9A2AA       EH2GRE      EA2RKW      PD6YOTA     M0SDV
4U24OCT     9A2AA       EH5MM       EA5GVZ      PJ2ND       K8ND
4X2M        4X4DZ       EH5SFJ      EA5AG       PJ2T        W3HNK
4Y1A        UA3DX       EI0R        EI6FR       PJ4A        K4BAI
5B4ALX      IZ4AMS      EM25IWW     UR7IWW      PJ4E        K9ES
5B4AMM      UT5UDX      EP2LMA      EA5GL       PJ4I        AD4ES
5P3WW       DL1YAW      ER4A        ER1FF       PJ4Y        DL5CW
5R8XB       ON8XB       ES9C        ES5RY       PS2T        K3IRV
5T5TI       NI5DX       FK8DD       NI5DX       PX0F        PP5BZ
5W0DXA      JA1DXA      FM5FJ       KU9C        PX2A        PY2VM
5W1SA       JA1DXA      FR4PV       F1UIJ       R164S       R6CF
5X8C        ON6NL       G3V         G3VER       R17YOTA     M0SDV
6W1SU       M0URX       G6T         M0URX       R1853S      R6CF
6Y0D        TA3D        GB17YOTA    M0SDV       R1941OM     RD5C
6Y3M        VE3NE       GM2V        N3SL        R25MGO      RK3A
7Q6M        K6ZO        GW5R        GW3YDX      RA75SF      R4AS
7Q7AB       JA7SGV      GW9J        GW0GEI      RI1ANC      RN1ON
7S50AW      SM6PPS      H79H        TI4SU       RI1ANO      RN1ON
7X2YOTA     M0SDV       HA6YOTA     M0SDV       RW0A        RA0ALM
7X5KBS      M0SDV       HB9YOTA     M0SDV       RZ4AZ       RW6HS
8P1W        KU9C        HC0E        HC1QRC      S79K        G3NKC
9A0YOTA     M0SDV       HC8LUT      IK2DUW      SH9YOTA     M0SDV
9A17YOTA    M0SDV       HG0IDPD     HA5MA       SI9AM       SM3TIR
9A1957AA    9A2AA       HG0YOTA     M0SDV       SK3W        SM5DJZ
9H3DQR      SM6DQR      HH2MK       EB7DX       SN150J      SP9PGE
9H3HM       DK2HM       HK3JCL      DK8LRF      SN150M      SP9PGE
9H6A        9H1BT       HP1RIS      HP1ALX      SN150P      SP9PGE
9M2CNC      G4ZFE       HP3SS       AC2OV       SN6O        SP6PAZ
9M2MRS      PA0RRS      HQ9X        KQ1F        SN7Q        SP7GIQ
9M2TO       JA0DMV      HS0AC       HS5NMF      SN8B        SP8CUR
9M8YY       JR3WXA      HS0ZAR      K3ZO        SO4M        SP4MPG
9Q6BB       W3HNK       IB9T        IT9TQH      SO9M        SQ9UM
A31MM       EA5GL       II2YOTA     M0SDV       SU9JG       EA5GL
A31NM       JM6EBU      II5YOTA     M0SDV       SW9AA       LZ1PM
A41NN       A61BK       II9P        IT9CHU      SX1T        SV1ENG
A44A        A47RS       IO2X        IK2NCJ      SX2T        SV2DSJ
A60MD       A61BK       IR1Y        IZ1YPF      TF3CW       LX1NO
A60ND       A61BK       IR2L        IW2LLH      TI3/W7RI    W3HNK
A61EK       IZ8CLM      IR4M        I4IFL       TK0C        S50C
A61FK       A61BK       IR4X        I4EAT       TM0R        F5GGL
A61HA       A61BK       IR6T        IK6VXO      TM1A        F5GSJ
A65CA       RV6AJJ      J42CPMV     SV2HXV      TM3R        F5UTN
A71EM       M0OXO       J79WTA      HB9MFM      TM4Q        F4SGU
AC2CX/KH2   JE1JAC      JT5DX       JT1CO       TO1A        F5HRY
AH2R        JH7QXJ      JW2US       LA2US       UN4L        UA9AB
B1Z         EA7FTR      KC4AAC      K1IED       UN9GD       DL8KAC
B7Q         BA1DU       KC4USV      K1IED       UN9L        LZ1YE
BI4SSB      BA4TB       KH2/K2IO    JA2JWH      UP0L        DL8KAC
BI4WXD      BI4SCC      KH6LC       WA6WPG      UP2L        UA9AB
C4W         5B4WN       KH7M        KH6ZM       V31MA       M0OXO
CE3CT       EA5KB       LN8W        LA9VDA      V47T        W2RQ
CK100VDA    VA1YL       LX4A        LX1NO       V63DX       JA7HMZ
CN2AA       UA2FM       LX7I        LX2A        V6A         JA7HMZ
CN2MA       LY5W        LZ17YOTA    M0SDV       V73NS       W3HNK
CN2R        W7EJ        LZ710SG     LZ1KCP      VP5M        K4QPL
CN8KD       EA5XX       M6T         G4BWP       VR20EH      VR2ZQZ
CO2RQ       EC5AC       NP2J        K8RF        XF1IM       XE2IC
CO6RD       EA5GL       NP2X        K5WW        XL3T        VE3AT
CP4BT       DJ2BW       NP4Z        N4AO        XV1X        RW6HS
CP6CL       W3HNK       OA4SS       KB6J        XW4ZW       K1SE
CR3W        DL5AXX      OC4HC       OA4O        YE1K        EA5GL
CR5T        CS5ARC      OD5YA       IZ8CLM      YO0YOTA     M0SDV
CR6K        CT1ILT      OE0YOTA     M0SDV       YT17YOTA    M0SDV
CT9/OL3R    OK1VWK      OF2YOTA     M0SDV       Z30YOTA     M0SDV
CW4MAX      EA5GL       OG2B        OH2BH       ZA1WW       OH2TA
CX2AQ       EA5KB       OG90AA      OH8AA       ZB2TT       M0URX
CX3AT       EA5GL       OH0R        OH2PM       ZB2X        OH2KI
CX5UA       EA5KB       OH0Z        W0MM        ZF2OK       W1OU
CX9AU       EA5GL       OH1F        OH1AF       ZF9CW       K5GO
DA0WRTC     DJ9MH       OH8X        OH2UA       ZM4T        ZL3IO
DF0HQ       DL5AXX      OH9SCL      OH9AB       ZP9MCE      EA5ZD
DM500RT     M0SDV       OH9W        OH5BQ       ZS1C        W2ARP
DQ17YOTA    M0SDV       OJ9X        OH2BH       ZS6CCY      K3IRV
DR0YOTA     M0SDV       OK2RJC      OK2RZ       ZW5B        K3IRV
DT0HH       DS3DJX      OL17YOTA    M0SDV       ZW8T        PS8HF

5V7SM    C.A.R Marc, BP 1013, 87050 Limoges Cedex 2, France
6Y6Y     Lester B. Veenstra, 452 Stable Lane, Keyser WV 26726, USA
9M2M     Hairil Anuar Abdul Hamid, 49F Jalan 2 Hujung, Taman Sri Mawar, 02600 Arau, Perlis, Malaysia
9M4IOTA  Khairul Afendy, Peti Surat 85, 43207 Batu 9 Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia
9M6/NR1J Jun Muto, 89 Rangoon Road, #02-04, 218375 Singapore, Singapore
CB1H     Marcelo Torres, Pasaje Los Geiser 9775, 1266765 Antofagasta, Chile
CW5W     Jorge Diez Furest, Remigio Castellanos 474, 37000 Melo Cerro Largo, Uruguay
FK4QX    Philippe Bailly, BP 8466, 98807 Noumea CEDEX, New Caledonia
FK4RD    Yves Novella, BP 12026, 98802 Noumea CEDEX, New Caledonia
FK8IK    Michel Aussourd, BP 14639, 98803 Noumea CEDEX, New Caledonia
FY5KE    Jacques Mazzoni, 678 route de l'Egalite, 74290 Talloires Montmin, France
GJ2A     JARS, Le Chemin des Signaux, St. Brelade, Jersey, JE3 8LQ, United Kingdom
HB0A     Amateur Funk Verein Liechtenstein, P.O. Box 629, 9495 Triesen FL, Liechtenstein
HV0A     Francesco Valsecchi, Via Bitossi 21, 00136 Roma RM, Italy
IK2DUW   Antonello Passarella, Via Melchiorre Gioia 6, 20812 Limbiate MB, Italy
JA7HMZ   Shoji Igawa, 17 Shirogane-cho 17, Yokobori, Yuzawa-shi, Akita-ken, 019-0204, Japan
KH6J     Walt Niemczura, 47-757 Hui Kelu St. Apt 5, Kaneohe HI 96744, USA
KH7B     Mauna Kea Contest Club, 39650 U.S. Highway 19 N.Apt 243, Tarpon Springs FL 34689, USA
LT1F     Karlos Luis Bruno, Espana 1115, 2000 Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
NH2DX    Mariana Islands DX Association, 279 Gardenia Ave, Mangilao GU 96913, USA
NI5DX    William M. Loeschman, 717 Milton, Angleton TX 77515, USA
PA0RRS   Rich Smeets, Valeriaan 14, 5052 CT Goirle, The Netherlands
PY0FW    Leo Ferreira, Caixa Postal 5099, Vitoria-ES, 29045-970, Brazil
RW2F     Ulrich Mueller, Kreutzacker 13, 35041 Marburg, Germany
SZ1A     Radio Amateur Association of West Greece, P.O. Box 84, 301 00 Agrinio, Greece
T40A     Raul Verdecie Fernandez, Calle Angel Guardia No. 119, e/Adolfo
        Villamar y Francisco Varona, CP 75100 Las Tunas, Cuba
TM6M     Stephane Van Langhenhoven, 24 bis rue de Anter Hent, 29830 Ploudalmezeau, France
V85/KC0W Thomas M. Callas, P.O. Box 1058, Minnetonka MN 55345, USA
VR2XAN   Alberto Annesi, 1/F 7A Nam Shan Road, Peng Chau, Hong Kong
XE2IC    Manuel Palos, Lerdo de Tejada 289 Pte., 23600 Ciudad Constitucion BCS, Mexico
ZM2B     Frank Hunt, 8 Manu Crescent, Upper Vogeltown, New Plymouth 4310, New Zealand

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